Connecting Flight

The story of Passenger Pigeons is a cautionary tale that has implications for all living creatures. This exhibition will promote awareness of both the positive and negative impact humans can have on nature. It inspires to create a connection between humans and the natural world, familiarize visitors with endangered species from around the world, and to foster a national awareness for endangered species. The visit to the Connecting Flights exhibition starts beyond the borders of the museum. In cultural institutions and transportation hubs around the city of Philadelphia, there will be a multitude of kiosks in the form of nests inspired by contemporary artist Patrick Dougherty. At the end of the journey visitors will end up at the Mother Nest: The Wagner Free Institute of Science. Its exterior will become an over-sized nest, extending beyond the rooftop, symbolizing the final destination of the Passenger Pigeons, and the visitor. Climbing the stairs to the exhibition on the second floor, the visitor will explore endangered species while examining their own relationship with the animals around them. The visitor will then exit into the Wagner’s garden which will contain Patrick Dougherty’s nest installations. These connect to the nest that wraps the exterior of the building. Some of these structures form benches, which could be a place for visitors to enjoy both the garden and the art.


To download the development and design book: click here