palpitation: part one

My heartbeat stumbles. Palpitations caused by an unwarranted desire. I close my eyes. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. In an effort to control its beat. My self prescribed cigarettes and whiskey can’t suppress this. Temptation transforms into the form of a labyrinth; with infinite traps and snares, twisting and turning never lessening its blow. But I am not ready to surrender. I see the light at the end and in it you stand. Just a silhouette.

But for now these tunnels are bare and they mock me. A museum of cobwebs and dust. The occasional echo, a reminder of what once was. I strain to hear, but fading memories can only help so much. The frame begins to crack, the foundation busts, and the ceiling caves above. All delicate to the touch. With the slightest bit of pressure it can crumble away. Turning to rubble.

Bricks and debris begin to fall. Slowly. One by one. Carrying words of hate and rage, sending up little clouds of earth as they smash into the ground. For now, I can easily avoid their fall. But it doesn’t take long for a fog of dust to form. The delicate mist now a heavy hail. There is no place to claim sanctuary. The thick haze blankets any and every sign of light; and with it, devours all hope. It tucks me in.

part two: coming soon...