Welcome! To my new blog site!

 The previous posts are from my time in grad school, completed for one of classes. They can also be found here: http://dkennedy001.wordpress.com/ but just scroll down or click to the next one, it's easier. To find out or see more about my work, feel free to explore the rest of my website and portfolio.

My time in grad school was amazing, full of self discovery. I was able to establish and refine myself as a designer, artist, and person. I have met so many inspirational and talented individuals these last two year, I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world. They have become a group of people I will look up to, respect, and appreciate. They have become some of my best friends. 

Crawling out of that sentimental hole, the purpose of this 'new' blog is for self-expression. Whether that be through creative writing, design or system or interaction or art or museum exhibition critiques, or about one of my latest obsessions (currently Fringe, Oh Em Gee, amazing show!). I can't promise it will always be intellectually or artistically stimulating (sometimes there may be a glass of wine involved, who knows!), but I will try and maintain focus.  I will try and update/post every to every other week. Sometimes it may be more. At others, it may be less. 

With that being said, I hope you enjoy! As always, check out the rest of my website (aka portfolio) and check out my other social media sites. Thanks!! 

- Daniel Kennedy