A growing trend amongst public facilities has been the idea of the unisex bathroom. I am not talking about single rooms or stalls meant for the use of men and women separately, but rather one with multiple stalls where men and women use the bath simultaneously. A movement towards gender equality and tolerance can attributed as one of the main causes for this trend. Many also suggest, it will help in the reduction of line queues and with spacial preservation. Regardless of its origins, for many, the unisex bathroom will change the way in which people use and interact with and in it. 

One major change with unisex bathroom will be in bathroom etiquette, or bathroom behavior. For many, bathrooms have become a type of sanctuary or a place of social interaction. Many times people will tweet, text message, or even check e-mails, turning the bathroom into a temporary office. Small talk often arises in bathrooms as well turning into a meeting area or place of gossip. With unisex bathrooms, it has the potential to be less about those other functions bringing it back to it's initial intent. Lastly, bathroom hygiene may be impacted. Men and women can be equally messy and careless at times, but cleaning up after oneself will become a higher priority. If not, you can bet there will be a passive aggressive note somewhere. So remember men, put that seat down!

I happen to be all for the unisex bathroom. Belonging to the gay culture at large, the idea of unisex bathrooms have been around for awhile. In this culture, gender is not as black and white as society labels it to be. Some people do not even fit into the category of male or female. By making unisex bathrooms, we as a society, can start to better bridge the gap into gender equality.