'go forth and gossip'

Elaine Lui, professional gossiper, discusses during a talk at  TEDxVancouver The Sociology of Gossip. Claiming the ecosystem of gossip as important for through it we, as a society, can understand social culture, social behavior, humanity, and more importantly ourselves. Celebrity gossip isn't just gossip about celebrities, it is a reflection of our moral and ethics of the time. The gossip conversation is an information exchange filtered and interpreted by a person's experiences allowing us to set a standard of conduct. Through the lens of gossip, Elaine gives insight to our current views of gender roles, domestic violence, and sexual orientation raising questions of equality, double standards, and stereotypes. The gossip conversation is a play-by-play of social evolution.

The same kind of thinking can be applied to interaction design. There is a dynamic relationship between humans and technology. Technology is shaped and designed by a users' motivations, expectations, and participation. As a user becomes more confident and as technology evolves, offering more possibilities at a faster pace, the users' motivations, expectations, and participation will change and evolve. Thus the dynamic relationship, where each component responds and informs the other creating a cyclic nature to the design ecosystem. It is important to understand this ecosystem to better inform design decisions.