Attention All Row: The story of Rowing in Philadelphia

Philadelphia and the sport of rowing have a dynamic relationship. Through the lens of rowing participants and Philadelphia, visitors will explore how Philadelphia became a ‘Mecca’ for rowers and its influence on the sport. This contemporary design draws upon elements of rowing and its influences, creating abstracted and pixilated interpretations. This project was to take a unique aspect of Philadelphia, with material culture, and create a relevant exhibition geared toward college students. The exhibition was to be held in the Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery at the University of the Arts.

The framework for this exhibition was inspired from the contrast between rowers and their structured discipline against the organic nature of the environment in which it takes place. Therefore, organic and flowing geometries were used  with a contemporary abstracted, jagged, and pixilated application. 

The center portion of the exhibition serves as the 'hub,' representing the Philadelphia theme of the exhibition. The perimeter serves as the 'voice' of the rowers, showcasing the different social shifts within the sport. The areas between these serve as a transition demonstrating the dynamic relationship between Philadelphia, the participants, and the sport itself. 


To download the development and design book: click here