Multidisciplinary, thoughtful, and creative designer offering a versatile but focused skill-set. I am a highly motivated and hardworking individual; looking for an institution to learn, develop, and create extraordinary work with. Thank you for taking the time to view my website.

I currently live in Philadelphia. I am available for work and freelance. Feel free to contact me in the form below. To download my resume: click here


Based on the 2012 AAM Museum Salary Study and average Philadelphia graphic design salary, with a master’s degree in a medium sized museum, my preferred rate for work is $20-23 per hour.




Starting rate is $40 per hour of work (for project time-line over one business week) 


Additional Charges:

Rushed Projects (time-line of less than one business week): +$20 per hour 

Additional Revisions: +$10 per hour (3 revisions are included)

Add Ons (anything outside original scope of project): TBD with approval 

Typography & Images: Varied & Based on licensing  



Contracts and pricing (where applicable) for full or partial creative licensing will be contracted and negotiated before the start of each project.  



Tax may be charged where applicable.


Payment: (Flexible)

Standard Project: 50/50 Split 

Large Projects: Can be negotiated but preferably a Payment of Thirds or Progress Billing 

Rushed Projects: TBD

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